Wednesday, July 11, 2007

What is Purity?











Is stuffing your sexuality, desire, and pleasure beneath the surface in order to control it natural? Is it pure? Does it result in pureness? Or is the water just as dirty below the surface?

Notice that I said, “in order to control it.”

Picture this.

A young lad, with a strong desire nature who is sexually adventurous cuts himself off from all sensations, pleasurable or not. Control, Control, Control.

Now, imagine waking up one day consumed with lust. The young lad spends the entire day caving in, catering to his weakness. The next day, shame. And more shame. Self- punishing behavior ensues.

The cycle continues well into the young lad’s thirties until he realizes….. purity is not self-deprivation.

He realizes he has been brainwashed by a social system put in place by the ruling class to control the masses. He realizes the system requires a dirty, ugly, repressive, tainted, unnatural view of self to maintain strict compliance with their ideology.

But now, he knows purity comes from genuine self- awareness and self-acceptance. He lives free from structure imposed upon him on his own terms. He understands and respects feelings, desire, and sexuality in himself and others.

It’s a long road to get from here to there. It seems so simple, standing at the end of the road over here. Just come, just jump across the threshold, will ya?

Of course, I’m talking about Dr. Dude. We’ve been working so hard.





Cassandra Says said...

So progress has been made, then?

Details, woman, I need details.

You do realise this means he's probably going to cling to you like a kitten if you're the one responsible for prompting the revelation, right?

SallySunshine said...

Yes progress has been made! Yay!

I think I'm getting him to relax more and more each day. It's working like a charm.

As I am getting to the bottom of his feelings on the issue it seems to stem from an early wounding/abusive experience with a girlfriend, about 10 years ago. I'm thinking that was the trigger. And the guilt! Add a little a bit of religion to the mix and I can see why he was the way that he was. Anyway, projects! Don't cha love 'em?

Yes, smitten kitten, eh.

I hope not.

I really try not to take responsibilty for these revelations. I think he was ready for a change, I just led the horse to the water so to speak.