Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Managing T-Squares: Restless Energy

Antsy, agitated, tense, easily-provoked, dis-ease, all these terms come to mind when considering the energy lurking behind a T-square in a natal chart. Of course, the energy of a T-square is influenced by the sign and houses the T-square occupies. And one can find a myriad of interpretations on-line which relate to cardinal, mutable, or fixed T-square aspect patterns. But, first things first, we must understand what constitutes a T-square in the birth chart. A T-square is a aspect pattern or configuration that forms when two planets oppose (180 degree angle) each other and then those two planets each square (90 degree angle) a third planet. This third planet, which squares the opposition from both angles, is important for the astrologer to consider. Many astrologers refer to this planet as the focus point or apex. The sign and house placement of the apex planet is highly significant. The T-square forms what looks like the letter “T” within the birth chart and often produces difficult combinations of energy for those possessing the configuration, but is also quite powerful when the energy is harnessed. Notice, I do not speak of “mastering” the energy, as this difficult aspect pattern in the natal chart often precludes us from “taking control” and instead provides us with opportunities to open the channel for growth and renewal (especially when the T-square is activated through transit).

T-squares can be found in charts of famous, very successful, ambitious people, but they also are found in other charts of the normal populace. In fact, in my family alone, my parents and both sets of grandparents have t-square configurations in their charts, as far as I can tell from their birth information. And as most astrologers recognize, aspect patterns and placements often run through the family line like water. We are repeating history, but breaking free from it, all in one breath. Whew! Exhausting work, these T-squares. Often times resting and relaxing are not second nature for the person with a t-square aspect. Fortunately, when properly directed, this “get up and go” energy may contribute to success in a given field or an individual’s life’s work. Those who use the tension, excess energy, and drive to motivate themselves have found the secret to handling T-square energy.

As I contemplate the energy tied up in my own natal T-square, I do feel the frustration, agitation, and tenacity festering. But, as one of my favorite singer/song-writer's says, “I believe in peace, bitch”. And so, we must make peace with not only the world around us, but inside ourselves. We need to learn to relax and be “in flow” with the moment. It is evident that internal aggression and dis-ease are filtered into our world externally through our actions and thoughts. Each person adds a new layer to an already contentious atmosphere of negativity. Therefore, we must consciously take responsibility for emotions and thoughts we have, not only for those with t-squares (who undoubtedly have a special responsibility in this area), but all humans. Although, it is often difficult, we should remind ourselves from time to time, even on this war-ridden planet, we do believe in peace, inside and outside.

Tori Amos- The Waitress

So I want to kill this waitress
She's worked her a year longer than I
If I did it fast, you know that's an act of kindness

But I believe in peace
I believe in peace, Bitch
I believe in peace

I want to kill this waitress
I can't believe this violence in my mind
And is her power all in her club sandwich

I want to kill this killing wish
They're too many stars and not enough sky
Boys all think she's living kindness
But ask a fellow waitress
Ask a fellow waitress

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