Monday, June 19, 2006

Compulsive Communication- Mercury in the 8th house

Do you ever find yourself completely bored by the topics being discussed around you? Are you lost in an endless sea of random polite conversations with little or no depth? Does talking to your fellow co-workers or friends feel like you're being hit in the head with a cement brick repeatedly? If so, you might be ready to move into complete isolation from the rest of humanity. However, if that doesn't sound practical, we must learn how to tolerate conformity in our conversations. Social niceties can drain us of our vitality, as the compulsive need to communicate about trivial matters with people who have little or no insight into one's personality is the norm these days. For those of us with artistic leanings who tend to express our thoughts passionately or even poetically, this can be maddening. How do we find solace in these superficialities? Send me an email if you have any coping strategies.

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