Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Chiron Experience-confronting inner darkness

Where ever Chiron is present in our charts is where we have important lessons to teach others. It is where the gift comes through the wound. Our Chiron placement is very sensitive, it asks to go within and confront our inner darkness. (In classical mythology, Chiron is both animal and beast.) It is only in the confrontation, healing, and finally releasing that the poison arrow is pulled from our hearts. Does that sound a bit dramatic? Well, if it does- good. Everyone has Chiron somewhere in their chart, and it is in this area where we may find the more dramatic, trauma-filled experiences in our lives. According to classical mythology, Chiron resided in a “grotto” on Mt. Pelion where he lived with his terrible incurable wound. As you can see, this is not a light, breezy existence for our fated Chiron, but he does make good use of his time spent in the darkness by being of service to others through teaching. Hence, we run across the tendency of astrologers to associate Chiron with Virgo (the service sign) and Sagittarius (the sign of teaching and educating). The glyph (planetary symbol) for Chiron looks like a key turned upwards. This is symbolism at its best. The wound holds the key to our relief. It reaches out to help others. Through our service, we heal ourselves. It is one of the finest examples of God moving through the world. Not to get all religious on ya, but the “Chiron experience of woundedness” does have religious/spiritual overtones. Eventually, Chiron is released from his pain and ascends to a higher plane. In our day and age, we can view this as a metaphorical ascension. We reach a higher state of being and living when move through our own “Chiron cycle”. For those of us that have “prowled through the grottos” we have much to teach the world. It’s time to get started. Each one of us carries a wound, so what is yours? And how can you use it to change the world?

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