Monday, September 18, 2006

A Medieval Mood

Today I saw a picture of my ex in all his finery on a website with photos of his new girlie-friend and immediately was hit with a lust for revenge. This is a normal reaction for me, as my mother would say, "revenge is the best dish served cold." Well, maybe she never said that, but it would've been a interesting piece of worldly wisdom to pass on. Evidently, the "eye for an eye" theory runs deep in the family tree, and on a purely emotional level can be very satisfying to "gut" one's opponent. Do I sound like I'm living in medieval times or just sympathizing with the war machine? I certainly hope not.

On a practical level, revenge is far too time consuming and facilitates the acknowledgement of the other's continued power in one's life. Thus, I am torn asunder. On one side, our more beastly qualities need recognition, but at the same time it should be balanced with reason and our more refined qualities. But, as the many times wise Bloodhound Gang would say, "You and me baby ain't nothin' but mammals." In celebration, I offer a spiteful vengeful piece I wrote to, as they say, "get the red out." Enjoy!

A Woman in White Never Dies

Now if you dream about me at night when you're clutching her thigh
and you think you've been freed from the curse of me
think again
I know you've settled into domestic tranquility
but when you look at those hands
you wanna rub them over my body again
she crosses your mind in nick of time, just before I'm in
so if you're listening for me in the in-betweens and my voices still echoes eerily
step away from the ledge and get back under your bridge

"They widened and widened, thrusting you both asunder, one from the other". - From the Woman in White by Wilkie Collins.

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