Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Bringing Sexy Back

Is it my imagination or does Cameron Diaz add more sophistication and credibility to Justin Timberlake? Certainly, Kevin Federline isn’t doing much for Brit’s image. In fact, Kevin and Brit posses a quality that I like to call the “cheese factor”. Obviously, there is a propensity towards this “cheesiness” for Brit, being a Southerner with a Sun in Sagittarius. Sagittarians seem to project an “I’ll say whatever I want to say and you’ll like it” kind of attitude, on top of the general crude behavior that accompanies their regular interactions with folks. Brittany’s relationship has nearly destroyed her reputation, while Justin’s previous boyish ways have been discarded for a cool, collected, more mature projection. Evidently, Cameron has been good for him. The idea of an older woman “molding’ a young boy into a man is a popular notion in our culture. However, very often these relationships are short-lived, once our duties have been accomplished we move on to the next recruit.
In light of this “molding”, Justin may be especially sensitive to the undercurrents moving through his relationships, with an emphasis on his 7th house of partnerships in his natal chart, plus his Moon conjunct Neptune in the 5th house, which is very similar to having a Pisces Moon. All of that merging and meeting yourself through “the other” can leave a person feeling very depleted. Fortunately, for Justin, he is able to remain somewhat detached because of his Aquarian Sun, which may be why he was able to recover himself and rise out of the ashes of the failed relationship between him and Brit. This may be more difficult process for Brit, with a Libra Ascendant and Pluto making himself comfortable in her first house of self. Transformation may be achieved through the experience of “other”, but it will have its price for Brittany.
I suspect Brittany has been “forced” to fit a mold by others that is not true to her nature. Although, she may feel unable to express her dark side, she finds expression through Kevin. He represents all the hidden qualities and speaks the words she wishes she could say. Kevin is often quoted saying things like, “I don’t care what anyone thinks of me!” I imagine he says this in a very rebellious and angry way. I’m sure Brit has had the urge to utter the same sentence many times during her reign as “pop princess”- a title given to her by the public.

Justin, however, had a very different experience with his public. Yes, the media has often stereo-typed him in a similar fashion, but he’s been more free to shape-shift without the scrutiny of others. His transformation has been in the private confines of the mind, with Cameron’s steady Virgo hand guiding him along the way.

This whole discussion brings us full circle to the idea of seeing our own image in our partners. I have found in my experience that people have a tendency to look for what they cannot find or express themselves in other people, for whatever reason. Attraction is fascinating, as the mystery surrounding our attachments is no closer to being solved, and we still continue to pair off complicating the story even further.

I propose these pairings are not accidental because we have profound life-altering lessons to learn from each encounter we stumble upon. What a complex web we weave when visiting one another’s world for a short time on our journey. We don’t know which stranger’s face we’ll run into next, but we will learn to trust our instincts along the way.

The song lyrics below summarize the mood of the moment as the Sun’s in Libra right now; we are reminded how we affect each other, and how we also need to stay keyed into ourselves. The focus is on the balance of experience, experiencing ourselves through others and within. In the words of Amos Lee-- Keep it loose, child, keep it tight.”

Amos Lee- Keep It Loose, Keep It Tight

Well I walked over the bridge
Into the city where I live,
And I saw my old landlord.
Well we both said hello,
There was no where else to go,
'cuz his rent I couldn't afford.

Well relationships change,
Oh I think it's kinda strange,
How money makes a man grow.
Some people they claim,
If you get enough fame,
You live over the rainbow.
Over the rainbow..

But the people on the street,
Out on buses or on feet,
We all got the same blood flow.
Oh, in society,
Every dollar got a deed,
We all need a place so we can go,
And feel over the rainbow.

But sometimes,
We forget what we got,
Who we are.
Oh who are are not.
I think we gotta chance,
To make it right.
Keep it loose,
Keep it tight.

I'm in love with a girl,
Who's in love with the world,
Though I can't help but follow.
Though I know some day,
She is bound to go away,
And stay over the rainbow.
Gotta learn how to let her go.
Over the rainbow.

Sometimes we forget who we got,
Who they are.
Oh, who they are not.
There is so much more in love,
Than black and white.
Keep it loose child,
Gotta keep it tight.
Keep it loose child,
Keep it tight.

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