Monday, February 12, 2007

Good Is Good, and Bad is Bad

Boys n’ Girls, as Sheryl Crow would say, “Good is Good, and Bad is Bad, but you don’t know which one you had.”

Good things:

1) quasi-dates with 21 year old boy toys

2) gettin’ belligerent with customer service reps over the phone

3) a feeling of accomplishment after shoveling my entire drive way in less than 20 minutes in my stiletto boots

4) eating Cherry Nut ice cream while watching Loving Annabelle on my couch by the fireplace

5) tearing off my stockings and jumping into a hot bath after I get home from the bar

6) a big bowl of popcorn n’ jalapeños at 5:00 am

7) teaching Japanese to my 7 month old niece (if she’s going to be President by 35, we have to start early)

Bad Things:

1) conversations on quasi-dates with 21 year old boy toys

2) talking to belligerent phone reps after I’ve incurred their wrath

3) ruining my favorite stiletto boots in a hasty last-minute decision to wear them while shoveling

4) finding the fastest path to cellulite on my couch with 10 bowls of ice cream

5) freezing in a mini skirt in sub-zero temperatures versus third-degree burns in scalding hot bath water, you pick

6) being too lazy to find the dental floss at 5:00 am

7) having to actually learn Japanese

I’ll spare you the, “For every action there is an equal but opposite reaction” speech. But, life sure is funny.

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