Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I’m walking in a spider web, so leave a message and I’ll call you back.

What is it about this time of year? Why do all the “friends”, who seemingly haven’t given a rip about our friendship all year long, suddenly come out of the woodwork and need a favor? It’s usually prefaced with, “Gee, Sally S, I know you’re really busy right now but…..” Fill in the blank here with anything from wiping someone’s ass to listening to their miserable stories of self-loathing. Either way, I’m officially the girl with the mop cleaning up other people’s shit. I need a more direct method of telling these so called “friendly” leeches to kick rocks.

In the meantime, other events are happening in the world which aren’t centered upon me. For instance, Ash Wednesday. All day long, my co-workers have been parading around the office with their big black smudges. On several occasions I had the urge to whip out a tissue and clean their foreheads. Is too much to ask these people to keep their Catechism to themselves? Not that I don’t enjoy the whole death/rebirth myth, but seriously, I shouldn’t have to see it advertised on someone’s face all day long. If I came to work with “666” written in pen across the bridge of my nose, I doubt it would be viewed as work-place appropriate.

In other current events HB 1293 (another lovely abortion ban from the right-wing nut jobs in Pierre), was struck down in the Senate State Affairs Committee! YIPPEE! I personally emailed each senator who voted against the ban and thanked them. And you should too.

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Marti Abernathey said...

I have 4 good, solid friends, and very little else for this exact reason. I purged many of my friends if they produced their own drama. I swear some folks love creating their own negative drama and then feeding off it.

I think next Ash Wednesday I'm going to wear my T-shirt that says "Mary was a virgin, if you don't count anal." All the lovelies here at the Catholic hospital that I work at would LOVE IT. ;)

Wiping someone's ass? shiiiiiiiit. What kind of crappy friends do you have?!?