Wednesday, October 10, 2007

An Announcement from the Republic of Shaved Pussies

Do you shave, wax, or pluck your pussy hair? Concerned Citizens for the Removal of Pubic Hair (C.C.R.P.H.) would like to know. Actually, a reader emailed me with a few questions about pussy grooming, and I, with his permission, have published his email. He writes:

"Do you think pubic hair serves any real purpose?

The last few girls I dated were in their mid to late 20's and kept hardwood floors (i.e. shaved pussies), which I actually liked a lot. My ex wife and previous girlfriends, who were a bit older, were more on the shag carpet or au natural side, which I guess I didn't really mind, but I got sick of sticking my tongue in a brillo pad.

I asked my ex wife to clean it up a little bit, which she begrudgingly agreed to do. However, she insisted on keeping something because that was more adult-like and being fully shaved was disgusting. Apparently she hasn't gone down on another girl with a huge bush. Ick. We found a compromise that worked, which was about the only compromise we ever had in our short marriage, but I digress.

I'm not too hung up on it, but it’s interesting and I'd like to hear your thoughts on the subject, since you've probably seen more variations of shaved and unshaved or somewhere in between than I have.

Do lesbians or bi-sexual girls typically have a preference of shaved or unshaved? Do you think age is a factor if a girl will shave or not?

What do you think about guys who shave or do you not pay attention?"
- C.C.R.P.H.

See my response below:

Dear C.C.R.P.H.,

You are correct, Sally has sampled a wide variety of pussies in her day, plus I have one of my own I’ve been meticulously grooming since day one.

Or not.

Pussy up-keep can be girl’s worst nightmare, especially if you are prone to shaving rashes, in-grown hairs, or yeast infections. Sally has horrible eyesight, so, shaving in the morning without contacts is out of question. Thus, every couple of days, I laboriously grab my razor from a shelf on the tub while I’m bathing and do the deed. However, all those little hairs, regardless of how careful I am, end up stuck to the bottom of the tub. Now, it’s fine if you live alone, but if you have roommates, it can be an embarrassing discovery. When someone screams, “Ew! Who left their pubes all over the place?!” during your semi-formal dinner party, you know you’re the guilty offender. Please be careful with those pubes, folks.

In my experience, it’s the girls you would least expect to have immaculate clean-shaven pussies that do. Lesbians, especially, are surprising. The butchiest of the butch will have Thee Most Beautiful Pussy Ever while the Sexy Siren’s is only mediocre. Yet, I don’t subscribe to the school of thought, “Bald is Beautiful”. A pussy doesn’t necessarily have to be hairless or even shaved. Pussies with a rough texture, however, should come with a warning sign. Stubble is not sexy. I love giving head, but when razor burn threatens to remove the first layer of my epidermis, it’s time to revaluate.

Lucky for Sally, the ex had a stellar pussy. She shaved often, which, I too, like the reader above, appreciated. The only complaint I had was when she first shaved. She’d go completely or almost all the way bald, and it was usually on a Fri/Sat. night before we went out. Later on in the evening when we returned home, I’d rip her pants off and stick my tongue in her only to discover a little hair left over…like the pubes in the bath tub hair…hanging out. Usually, these stray hairs would end up in my mouth, or lodged in the back of my throat, but that’s nothing a glass of water can’t fix. I never did tell her about the strays, she was still one beautiful bitch in my mind.

But, to answer your question, reader, there is no hard n’ fast rule in the world of lesbians and bisexuals regarding pussy grooming. Even so, I consider it good form to shave mine at least once a week if I’m fucking a woman. I haven’t been as considerate when I’m going through a "man phase". Currently, the dude I’ve been nailing, much to my dismay, isn’t a huge fan of pussy licking. Thus, I admit, I’ve been lazy lately. But, if I’m spending an evening with a pussy enthusiast it will be groomed to perfection.

I’ve have also found age to be an equally surprising element in the whole “bald pussy” phenomenon. The oldest woman I’ve slept with was thirty-nine and the youngest was twenty-one. The twenty-one year old had nearly a full bush while the thirty-nine year old was as well-groomed as they come! Go figure! Reader, I see your point about the older generation being resistant to the prevailing trend. It happens. However, asking our lovers to do little things (like trimming) to increase our pleasure/their pleasure should not be out of the question, and I like the idea of compromise.

Do I notice when men shave their crotch? Yes, I think so. But with men I’m more likely to remember shape and size rather than hair presence. Some men are incredibly hairy, which makes dick sucking not only dangerous (choke!) but unpleasant. Men with big bushy pubic areas are probably also hairy-back gents and should consider a trip to the salon. There are men who are, for whatever reason, pretty hairless, so, for those boys, hair removal isn’t necessary.

Pubic hair, or hairiness in general, is probably a matter of preference more than anything. I have friends who “love them some hairy gorilla men”, and I imagine there are some men out there who (gulp) like hairy women, brillo pad and all. I lust for men who are tall, thin, femmy types with delicate hands, thus, hairy macho boys need not apply.

Tangentially, since we’re on the topic of pussies, ladies, which sign do you think gives the best or worst head? I’ve had terrible luck with Gemini men. Gemini men do know how to give a good fingering, but head, no thanks. Air sign men, typically, I’ve found are not well-trained in Pussy 101. Pisces men, on the other hand, give excellent head and are well-behaved slaves. Just kidding.

Well, maybe not.

Yours, Sally S.


Anonymous said...

Best: Libra man.

Worst: Pisces man, funny enough, but right on the cusp of Aquarius.

Mediocre: another Libra man and a Leo woman.

SallySunshine said...

Interesting. Libra man, eh? The Libra men I've been with have been too afraid of gettin down n' dirty to really eat pussy with gutso. sign women I've had good luck with, Aries, in paticular, rocks my world. ;)

Anne said...

66 here. Lesbian. Been shaving all for at least ten years...

rebecca said...

i recently shaved my pussy bald in feb 2007 just to try it! i will never go back, much more refreshing and cleaner!!

SallySunshine said...

Hey Anne and Rebecca!

Thanks for stopping by!

"66 here. Lesbian. Been shaving all for at least ten years..."

Again, age isn't a factor, I think it's more or less a preference and laziness issue. Hell, I haven't shaved my legs for about week now- this weekend I must break out the razor. ~SS

Anonymous said...

I'd be happy to shave the beave for you if you're having eyesight issues! ;-) AND, I'm a pisces, so according to you post, I be happy to humour it in the edible way, too!

joeline said...

Hey Sally,
Excellent blog (as usual)
I have to agree with you about Aries people, the only men to rock my world. Have yet to find a woman who eats pussy with as much gusto as I do, and I'm a Libran!
But I'll just keep on looking xxx

SallySunshine said...

Hey Anony!

"I'd be happy to shave the beave for you if you're having eyesight issues! ;-) AND, I'm a pisces, so according to you post, I be happy to humour it in the edible way, too!"

Well, man, (or lady!) I'm all for that!

And Hi Joeline! ooo... a Libra who eats it with gutso- cool!

Anonymous said...

It is interesting to me that your blog seems to be about sexual empowerment, yet you contribute to the sexual shaming of women. Adult women have pubic hair, but in a misogynist society this is viewed as disgusting. Just as women are expected to diminish themselves by losing weight and being frail and skinny, so too are they expected to erase all signs of sexual maturity by removing their pubic hair. Hairless, skinny little girls are much less threatening to the misogynist masses. Should women also disinfect with lysol to purge themselves of evil body odors?

SallySunshine said...

"It is interesting to me that your blog seems to be about sexual empowerment, yet you contribute to the sexual shaming of women."

Hmm..ok, everyone has their own definition of empowerment. This blog isn't necessary geared toward an overall theme of sexual empowerment..for men or women. It can be, but it's not the primary focus. What this blog is about is honesty. Honesty in sexuality. Let's be real and say what we have always wanted to say- that type of thing. Not every post will be brilliant, or even nice..but that's life. The theme of the blog is life and/or revolution is not dinner party, hence, the title.

"Hairless, skinny little girls are much less threatening to the misogynist masses. Should women also disinfect with lysol to purge themselves of evil body odors?"

Women who shave do it for a multitude of reasons..look at this comment section as an example. I do believe women have agency..the right to make their own choices based on their preferences..but, again, that's me. You may feel differently.

Thanks for stopping by. ~SS