Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Mighty Sword

Have you ever wanted to fuck your lover with a strap on? Bend him (or her) over and give it to ‘em hard? Women are supposed to be docile, like flowers. They aren’t supposed to act like men, want to be men, or interpret their experiences through a male lens. Thus, women who dominate, control, and posses their lovers are often the subject of controversy. No stranger to controversy himself, Sigmund Freud first popularized the term, “Penis Envy”, a psychological state which he said plagued female children at the age of four, when a female child realizes she does not have penis. Of course, feminists and other analysts have been highly critical of Freud’s hypothesis, so, “penis envy” is still a debatable subject.

Yet, many women I know (straight, lesbian, and bi) have wistfully trailed off in thought, “If I only could have a penis for one day…” Ladies, I couldn’t agree more. My desire to covet the penis has, over time, only grown stronger. For example, those incredibly lucid dreams about sticking my penis into Her. I’m not sure who She is, but I’ve felt her insides with my Throbbing Member more times than I care to admit. In my last dream, I felt more attached to my penis than I ever had before, which begs the question, where does the strap-on end and the penis begin?

Many curious folks have asked why I fuck with a strap on. As in, what’s in it for you, Sally? First of all, being on the other end of the stick is a refreshing change. One is released from the prison of gender. Strict conformity to gender roles is horribly oppressive and monotonous. Stretching ourselves (both literally and metaphorically) will open the door to new energy and discovery within our partnerships. Next, it fosters trust and allows for greater intimacy. For example, on Friday night, I fucked my lover with a dildo. It was our first experience with anal sex together as a couple. Since the first time with someone new is always a little tricky it’s important to ask the right questions. Does it feel ok? Tell me, how hard and fast? And, should I pull out before or after you climax? This, along with the lube, should be broken out immediately before you begin or you risk this unfortunate reaction:

Luckily, it was an extremely pleasurable experience for both of us. After he climaxed, we laid together wrapped up in the sheets while he trembled in my arms and we laughed quietly. Have you ever noticed how a really good orgasm will make you laugh? Anyway, eventually he nuzzled up close to me and fell asleep breathing deeply while his head rested on my chest. It was, dare I say, romantic? The next day we both looked at one another with renewed interest as the power dynamic shifted

She’s a Man, man

Two of my girlfriends, pointed out the other day that I was ‘no ordinary whore’- meaning I don’t fuck for validation, love, money, or to cement a relationship in stone. In fact, they went as far to tell me, “You fuck like a man.” Both of them expressed their desire to acquire a similar mindset as well. However, I’m not sure it’s a trait one can learn, at least not at this stage in the game. And yes, some women are docile flowers- emotional, naïve, and easily destroyed, but not this bitch.

Why are some women unable to access their inner bad girl and make the Cocky Guy cry? Well, first of all, not everyone is as ruthless as your girl, Sally S. And secondly, some people actually want to fall in love, which requires a high degree of vulnerability. Vulnerability, evidently, is not compatible with search & destroy missions.

Even so, as a woman, contact and comfort with one’s masculine side is important. It helps ward off unhealthy/abusive relationships and inserts a certain appeal and richness in the personality. Too often, women, desperate to connect, will fall for a rebellious man with a penchant for wandering and infidelity. For women who actively seek marriage or serious relationship, men who “won’t commit” are their worst nightmare.

For instance, last night, a girl friend relayed a story about some Divorced Dude she was dating. They started to get close, and then suddenly he stopped calling her. She was, understandably, hurt. Readers, it is extremely difficult for me to see women let men get the best of them. I could feel my horns rise and the steam pour out of my ears as she shared her story. In the back of my mind, I was already coming up with an intricate plan for revenge.

But evil plots & revenge aside, I felt horrible for my friend. I wanted to infuse in her a sense of self-worth, strength, and power. I could talk to her until I’m blue in the face, but she’s the one who’ll have to pick herself up from the floor in the end. It’s no secret, my friend could benefit from a more masculine approach in her life. Identification with “masculine traits”, regardless of whether you like to fuck people in the ass or not, to the extent that it represents the balance of experience, is healthy

Therefore, the $30,000 question is what constitutes acting/fucking like a man? And, can women legitimately inhabit male territory?

Stay Connected. ~ Sally S.


Anonymous said...

goddamn it... you are fucking amazing....

My ex fucked me with her first two fingers and fingered herself at the same time. It would get her off within 3 minutes.

I love being fucked by a woman... there is nothing like it.

I know you don't believe in marriage, but can I have your love child?

- Your favorite tranny

SallySunshine said...

Ah, my dear..hello.

"I love being fucked by a woman... there is nothing like it."

Indeed and Agreed.

Being the fucker or the fuckee is lovely in either regard.

xoxo, Sally

Anonymous said...

Sally, this is so fun...
You are writing about the most interesting topics, you know?
Any suggestions about how to cross this bridge between yearning for it and actually manifesting in the real world all this magnificent sex and desire for contact that lives inside me?
Just the other day i did a second ever trip to a women friendly sex toy store, here in tel aviv, and saw the strap-on stand, touched this velvety thing and wondered will i ever get to be in one, wearing one and getting to pleasure a happy boy/girl friend? i wonder...
I'll be glad if you can share some stories maybe about friends you helped initiate into, well how to call it, i guess into Freedom, at large.
Thanks again, darling
You rock, as usual!

SallySunshine said...

Hey SM! Wow Tel Aviv! You're so far away! I've always wanted to visit! hopefully..someday

"Any suggestions about how to cross this bridge between yearning for it and actually manifesting in the real world all this magnificent sex and desire for contact that lives inside me?"

Honesty. If I'm honest with my lovers up front..maybe even shock them a little..they're ready for it..and since you've already stated your intentions (i.e. "I'm going to fuck you in the ass, dude) you're pretty much locked in then. Be as bold as you want to be. Also, as you continue to change there will be people who'll filter into your life who compliment your desires *hopefully* *crosses fingers for you*


SallySunshine said...

I'll be glad if you can share some stories maybe about friends you helped initiate into, well how to call it, i guess into Freedom, at large.

Yes, I take requests! ;)
Plenty of stories to share, in that regard.


Anonymous said...

hi, sally
hope you'll get to visit us,
allot of great places to hang out here... lots of sunshine, beaches ohhh, and of course, holy places. really beautifull places and interesting people ;)
thanks for your suggestion, i'm contemplating on it right now...:)