Friday, April 06, 2007

hello new shoes, bye bye blues

I put some new shoes on,
And suddenly everything is right,
I put some new shoes on and everybody's smiling,
It so inviting,
Short on money,
But long on time,
Slowly strolling in the sweet sunshine,
And I'm running late,
And I don’t need an excuse,
'cause I'm wearing my brand new shoes.
-New Shoes, Paolo Nutini

Walking down the streets of New York City in my four inch heels, my feet started to hurt. I finally acquiesced to the pain and darted into the first store I saw. From the back room, an imposing blonde woman appeared. She led me over to look at all the shoes displayed on the wall. My eyes first zeroed in on the kaki colored pair. As soon as she returned with the shoes, I noticed the price - $325! Evidently, I had stumbled into a high-end store even though the outside of the store suggested otherwise. From my reaction she knew I wasn’t buying and proceeded to ignore me until I left. On my way out the door, a pair of dark brown funky platforms called my name, but I was determined to find a cheaper pair.

I left the store disappointed and disappeared into a sea of people just as a torrential rain began to hammer the city. An attractive man with dark hair and bright green eyes, in a muted-green tee-shirt looked over at me and said, “That Brillo scarf looks really nice on you.” The funny thing is I didn’t feel beautiful, in fact, just the opposite. The red n’ white silk Italian scarf around my neck was soggy, rain-soaked and heavy. We stood together on the street, my hair wild and tangled in my scarf, and stared silently at one another while he loosened the knots. In front of him, I bent down on my knees and came undone.

It's Freaky Friday, and I'm feeeling a little naughty. How about you?

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