Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Puritanical Patty and the Thought Police

And the winner is.....

Until recently I was oblivious to all of this infighting among feminists. I just merrily went along my way with my feminism in tow and never gave it second thought. Now I can see there are clearly two different factions of internet blogger feminists and the battle lines have been drawn in the sand.

The sex negative, anti-porn, anti-femininity, and “don’t do that, you bad girl” judgmentals have assembled on one side. For efficiency purposes we will call them the blue team. On the other side of the ring, we have the sex positive, ass-kicking, capitalist loving, money makin’, desire expressin’ ladies. For the purpose of being colorful, we’ll call them the red team.

Both teams are feminist, but practice feminism in a multitude of ways. However, both teams are occasionally disgusted and enraged with one another’s approach to the F word. The red team doesn’t care for the blue teams abusive vindictive holier than thou’ reactions to their natural lusty ways. The red team also abhors the blue team’s hypocrisy for posting pictures of porn on their websites while claiming that porn supports and triggers violence against women.

The blue team wants the red team “to get control, and for god sakes, stop enabling the patriarchy!” and “remove those high heels, lipstick, and thong panties while you're at it!” and “Damn it red team, you silly little girls, take off that make-up and get with the program!”

Then, the blue team proceeds to devalue everything the red team does for the advancement of women AND individual red team women are attacked for even attempting to disagree with their imperialistic thought processes. How dare we!

but seriously…

Where do all these Puritanical Patties come from? I have no idea how so many of them were able to collectively climb out of the gutter on the same day. Getting together for another session of verbal group vomit again girls? Why I had no idea, I didn’t receive an invite for that party.

Obviously, you can see which team I favor. So, in support of all the fabulous brilliant reds blogging out there, RED TEAM GO!


Anonymous said...

God, they really need to get over it.

sallysunshine_26 said...

Yes, I agree. I probably need to get over it too and move on. *BUT* it's annoying, ya know?

Cassandra Says said...

Oh, they've always been out there. I went to college with a bunch of them. It's just that any time there's an anti-porn event or anyone mentions BSDM everyone on both sides throws a shit fit. The moment I heard about the event at Ladyfest Leeds I knew this would happen. It always does.
I had a wierd reaction to reading Heart's blog. I found myself thinking "you know, if you spent enough time immersed in this stuff and didn't have any positive real-life experiences with men to counterbalance it, it would be really easy to believe all this stuff". I can see how people fall for it now.
Hmm, odd.