Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Moon Madness, Larva, and Beautiful Release

We’re in the midst of a full moon in Scorpio.

Anyone else feeling the burn?

I know I am. Full moons tend to either really energize me or dull-down all my senses to zero point. In particular, this full in Moon in Scorpio opposing the Taurus Sun is a bit like a piece of sandpaper rubbing away to expose raw flesh. Yes, it is fleshy, but not the good kind of fleshy. Don’t get me wrong, I like the Scorps, but let’s all do ourselves a favor and remove ourselves from the lava pit, at least for a few days to regroup. And since I feel like I’ve got a ten ton bulldozer scraping up against the wall of my brain there will be no insightful, witty, or even remotely intelligent commentary today.

But, tomorrow…. tomorrow I will emerge from my cocoon like a butterfly.........

or something like that.

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