Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Secret Agent Man

Going Incognito……

It’s time I change my look.

I’ve moved into a new loft downtown, reconnected with old friends, made peace with ex-girlfriends, and even changed my blog. Change is in the air people!

As far as the blog goes, I was becoming aesthetically challenged with the old arrangement. Thus, reorganization was in order. When I changed templates it erased all of my previous blog links, so hopefully I’ve remembered to add everyone back on. If not, let me know.

Apart from being stylistically bored, I’ve also been a little sketched out about all of the recent media focus on bloggers/my spacers losing their jobs because of the content posted on their blogs. Then, there’s the issue of other bloggers threatening to “out” other bloggers in order to silence them. Hence, there will not be anymore personal/identifying information shared, or if it is shared, it will be kept at a minimum.

With that said…. hello freedom!

As Nasty as I Wanna Be, SS

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