Wednesday, May 16, 2007

There Goes the Neighborhood

“Hey let's party, let's get down, let's turn the radio on,
This is the meltdown.
Get out the camera, take a picture,
The drag queens and the freaks
Are all out on the town.
And cowboy Jane's in bed
Nursing a swollen head.

Sunshine Sally and Peter Ustinov
Don't like the scene anyhow.
I dropped acid on a Saturday night
Just to see what the fuss was about.
Now there goes the neighborhood.” - Sheryl Crow

I’m moving. Tomorrow.

Actually, it’s not the death sentence I thought it’d be. Turns out, a good friend lives three doors down. And, of course, the chair. OMFG. The new chair. This chair is leading me to new orgasmic heights. It’s $600 chair, so it ain’t cheap, but it’s so well worth it. The chair is very difficult to explain, it’s circular in nature with a deep back one can sink into quite nicely. The chair also fits two people easily, hell, even three if you’re up for it. I’m thinking it will be The Primo make out chair, and why not? I’m living alone again so I’ve got no reason to avoid making out all over the place.

When it finally arrives on the Magical Day (May 18th) of Sally’s birth I shall take a picture of it and post it here for your viewing pleasure. In the meantime, here is a chair/small couch that is somewhat similar to what I got, minus the red color.

My place is mostly earthy tones, except for the bathroom which is an interesting shade of fuchsia. I’ve contemplated changing my bathroom colors for some time now to progress with a more evolved theme than simply “fuchsia, it shall be fuchsia.” Any ideas? The jungle theme is outworn and trite, and so is lavender or lame shades of blue. I’m looking for something with a little one-two-punch, that leaves you going “huh” in a disturbingly strange yet quizzical manner. Sorta like if I had this piece by Frank Walls hanging from the wall in my bathroom after choosing a hellfire and damnation theme.


Well, I never said it would be remotely tasteful. I think I’ve moved beyond that point, in more ways than one.

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