Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Let the Games Begin, Part II

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“Poor is the man whose pleasure depends on the permission of another.” ~Justify My Love, 1990, Madonna

I dare you to watch this video and not feel a least a little bit turned on. Hell, I’ve been watching it all night and the throbbing between my legs hasn’t stopped. The Wiki page for the song states, “The video depicts images of goings-on at a bizarre party in a Parisian hotel. The video featured scenes of partial nudity, homosexuality, mild sadomasochism and other overt sexual situations.”

So, what exactly is “mild” sadomasochism as compared to say, extreme sadomasochism?

First of all, a simplistic delineation between sadists and masochists is in order. Sadists inflict the pain, and masochists have pain inflicted upon them. Thus, the term sadomasochism (S/M or S&M) actually refers to a power exchange. One wields the power while the other one submits to it.

Most people have engaged in mild forms of sadomasochism without even realizing it. Ever been spanked by a lover? Bitten? Blindfolded? Tied-down? Handcuffed? If so, surprise, you’re a masochist. Well, maybe not, but you’ve at least dabbled in it. In fact, even simply telling a lover to “don’t move an inch” in a commanding voice while you control the situation counts. Welcome to the wonderful world of S&M.

Still confused? Want more information? The You Tube video below is an informative three minute intro to BDSM. (bondage, discipline, and S/M) and is presented by professional dom, Mistress Morgana.

BDSM Intro

Sadomasochism should be practiced amongst consenting adults who’ve agreed to specified limits, boundaries, and interactions before hand. Moreover, some of the more advanced S/M situations require training and knowledge of the human body to avoid injury and/or permanent damage. Examples of the more advanced S/M acts include, but are not limited to, breath play, flogging, body alteration/modification (branding, piercing), invasive medical situations, and my personal favorite… mummification.

Yes, you heard me, mummification.

If you want learn how to wrap another human being in saran-wrap and you live in a metropolitan area, you should be able to find a class/seminar explaining technique, method, and safety precautions. I’d love to take the class myself someday. Those who engage in the practice often talk of “feeling one’s self within yourself” and the complete helplessness and vulnerability it produces. Lovely.

The YouTube video attached shows how the mummification process is executed. The dom (i.e. top or sadist) has placed shaving cream between the layers of saran wrap. The commentary starts about 45 seconds into it and is quite educational once you get beyond the initial silliness.

Mummification (sensory deprivation)

Doesn’t that look like fun? I’m guessing one would want to carefully consider what kinds of liquid/materials they put between the layers, as some items may potentially burn or damage the skin. Think of the possibilities! Ouch!

So, why do people like a little pain (or in some cases a lot!) with their pleasure? What’s the appeal? And where did all these freaks come from?

Questions to be answered, until next time...

Sally S.


Anonymous said...

Hey Sally,
Another great, informative musing. Personally I dont really know why I like BDSM...I just DO! It has always turned me on to watch, and over the past few years I have experienced many new things. I dont like humiliation as such, but it is sometimes a necessary aspect. Pain can be good or bad at the time, but I always LOVE the aftermath of it. There is something earthy and real about feeling a twinge or ache and remembering how it got there. I love to push my own limits, call me crazy!!
Love and Light to you xxxx

SallySunshine said...

Hey Anon!

Great point about the aftermath of pain. For me, it increases the positive vibes all around. I've found people like to snuggle up after pain's been inflicted. It's quite nice.

Love & Light to you as well! ~SS

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