Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Executioner's Hood and the Boys in the Woods

Our Human Frailty is Observed:

I ran through the woods in an invisible cloak of amour. The leaves on the ground crunched menacingly beneath me. The air was cold and the trees were red and yellow, angry and bruised under the guise of another season’s passing. Animals roamed through the woods, stuck in their maze of indifference while the executioners fired shots. Standing erect with their black hoods, the snipers had full control. As the bullets whizzed past my head, I suddenly realized why I felt so close to death.

I had this dream two nights ago. Anyone who says the personal unconscious is not connected to the collective unconscious is denying the affect of world events and living in a little encapsulated bubble. The world has problems, yo, and if we’re not at least recognizing this, then we should start digging our graves now.

Recently, the whole world saw parts of Saddam Hussein’s very public execution. The death video has prompted an outflow of compassion especially among the world’s Muslim population. Witness as a former “cruel dictator” is made into a martyr. Now, I’m not saying whether this is right or wrong. The circumstances surrounding his death, and indeed this whole fucked up world are nebulous, confusing, contradictory, and full of metaphor if you can reach out and grab it. However, I think we can all agree, execution by hanging in the public square is downright medieval. If this is what we have regressed to as a people, we are in serious trouble.

It is an obvious fact that children copy what they see in the adult world. Children, psychically, are presumed to be more vulnerable than adults to collective forces because issues like “psychic flooding” and the “unconscious” are not acceptable concepts in an adult materially-orientated world. This, however, does not mean that world events aren’t affecting ALL of us on a deeper level, they are, and we cannot afford to pretend to be disconnected from this anymore. Our children, through their actions, are telling us witnessing a hanging on public television is not kosher.

I have been an outspoken critic of the death penalty for years, but in this situation no explanation is need, it’s clearly refuted in the actions of our children. See a story below published by the Associated Press regarding a child’s interpretation of the events surrounding Saddam’s death:

Turkish boy's kin: Hanging copied Saddam

By SUZAN FRASER, Associated Press Writer

ANKARA, Turkey - A 12-year-old died by hanging himself from the ceiling of his home, a hospital said Wednesday, and family members said the boy was copying Saddam Hussein’s execution.

It was the second death of a youngster blamed on televised images of the deposed Iraqi dictator's Dec. 30 execution. 30. A 10-year-old boy in Houston died Sunday by hanging himself from a bunk bed after watching news reports of the execution.
A hospital official in the southeastern province of Mus said Alisen Akti was dead on arrival at a hospital. The boy died of asphyxiation after apparently hanging himself, the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity because she was not authorized to speak to journalists.

Radikal newspaper quoted the boy's father as saying that the youngster had been affected by television images of Saddam's execution.

"What kind of a problem could a 12-year-old have to want to kill himself?" Radikal quoted Esat Akti as saying.

"After watching Saddam's execution he was constantly asking 'How was Saddam killed?' and 'Did he suffer?'" Akti said. "These television images are responsible for my son's death."

The family could not be reached at their home in the village of Sutluce. No one was available at the paramilitary police headquarters, which is responsible for the area.

By SUZAN FRASER, Associated Press Writer

Stop the World- The Clash

The panorama of the city is wrong
in fact the city seems to be gone
burning rubber and smoke in my eyes
there's a flat burning junk heap
for twenty square miles
they took it into the nuclear mine
judging by this, they left nothing behind
down in the bunkers in the crust of the earth
now crouch the wealthy and the noble of birth

if I could a ride a train around the city
that holds this as our fate
I’d hide from electro-circuit central
to the shock inducer gate
not forgetting the by-pass
across the Washington hooks
through the phones and desks and screens
of the Kremlin’s crook of crooks

there's some panel in a circuit board
destination of the override
scanning the wild wind
blowing through the Berlin corridor
spotlight in a palace, shielded from dust
malfunction or not, the failsafe is the crux
so far away from us,
shaking with the mystery tears
one lonely night in Ladbroke grove
far away in the deserts of Omaha
they got it nailed down-Swiss tight
the bank notes of Europe
the emperors and kings
curl in the autumn as the burning of leaves
and I’ve cleaned my black guitar

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