Friday, January 12, 2007

Hey Boys, Your Female Property is in Scarce Supply


Dear China,

Due to your sex-selective abortion policies regarding the female gender, you now face a potentially destructive social consequence. Since you have been engaged in the practice of instituting governmental policies to degrade women and their female children, you now are experiencing a shortage of “marriage material” for your thirty-some million men. I regret to inform you that a mandatory government-sponsored homosexuality program must be enforced in these “female deprived” areas. In order to succeed at this endeavor, the rules and regulations set forth here must be followed.

1) All men must sign a life-time commitment to confirm their newly administered government-granted sexuality.

2) Approximately ½ of the 30 billion of “marriageable men” must be socialized within the framework of the “female arts” such as sewing, cooking, and cleaning. These men will abandon their career objectives and all educational pursuits henceforth.

3) The other 15 billion may continue on with their studies, however, any type of interaction with the female population is strictly forbidden. Law breakers will be subject to a lengthy and brutal public flogging.

4) Any grown men who are unwilling to conform to our version of utopia will be forcibly aborted on sight.

I’m certain we can eradicate this “shortage” of female property with the plan I’ve devised. Please consider my proposal as a serious resolution to the aforementioned “gender imbalance.”

Yours Truly,

Ms. Sally Sunshine

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